Arch Linux Drops i686 support, But there’s Hope!

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After a period of 9 months, Arch drops i686.

Sad Tux

On January 25 of 2017, Arch Linux announced that it would be “phasing out” i686 support, so exactly nine months later it’s officially announced.

According to then, due to the decreasing popularity of i686 among the developers and the community, it was decided that they will no longer provide Arch Linux for 32 bits only.

Other reason was that 32bit packages were no longer being tested, because maintainers mostly run X64 systems.

One thing important to notice, This does not affect “Multilib” repo, if you need x86 libraries to be able to run Wine, there’s nothing to worry about, because this repo will continue to be actively maintained.




Arch Linux32




Enter Arch Linux 32, a project maintained by the community to keep Arch on 32 bits alive, already on full steam!

Keep reading to learn how to keep your 32 bits install alive and kicking!

If you have Arch x86 installed, you will be able to migrate to Arch Linx32 without reinstalling, here’s how to do it (the following as extracted from Arch linux32):Or skip this part and download the latest media.

  • Put any mirror from our mirrolist into /etc/pacman.d/mirrorlist.
  • Execute pacman -Syy archlinux32-keyring-transition to install our keyring transition package signed by one of the x86_64 archlinux devs.
  • Run pacman -Syuu for a full transition.
    • Note, that some packages are currently newer in the official repositories and will be downgraded, therefore.
    • Also note, that packages found in your package cache won’t match the signatures from archlinux32 – either allow pacman to delete these cached packages or run pacman -Sc to clean your cache before you start and after you finish upgrading.


Arch linux32 even has its own Forum,  so if you have any doubts you should check there or the mailing list.

They don’t offer a install guide, so I assume you can install using the Arch Linux install guide but take it with a grain of salt, you should check their forums first.

If you need to install from scratch check their Download page.

Closing words,

I did not have the opportunity to test Arch linux32 yet, at least not on a x86 machine only, but there’s no doubt that Arch Linux on 32 bits machine is going to survive just fine, judging by their forums.

After all there’s still a bunch of older computers that can still kick ass.


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