Arch Linux and Manjaro BTRFS snapshots

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Disclaimer: Use it at your own peril! It will work on Arch Linux with some tweaks.

I use Btrfs as my root file system and Snapper to make easy snapshots.


OpenSUSE snapshot like behavior, after every pacman command a snapshot is automatically created before and after making changes, if something goes awry you can revert the changes by choosing a previous snapshot directly from Grub menu.


If you are not careful, your root partition will fill up! So don’t forget to delete old snapshots.


1- Create a subvolume:

sudo btrfs subvolume create /snapshots # I use /snapshots

2- Install required packages (snapper, snap-pac,grub-btrfs) optional install snapper-gui-git from AUR for easily managing of snapshots.

sudo pacman -S snapper snap-pac grub-btrfs

(optional), pacaur -y snapper-gui-git

3- Create a snapper config

sudo snapper -c config create-config /snapshots # you can use another path for your snapshots

sudo snapper create-config / one for root just in case

4- Make a manual snapshot to see if things are working properly

sudo snapper -c config create –description “No bug shall pass”

5- Install grub-btrfs from AUR (I use pacaur, yaourt -S does the same)

pacaur -y grub-btrfs

6- Update grub to ensure that your snapshots will start showing before boot

sudo update-grub

That’s it, if your Grub is still working you can revert to your previous Snapshot by simply selecting on the menu!

Do you want a GUI way to clean your snapshots? Install Snapper-gui

pacaur -y snapper-gui-git

Ps. Tested on Arch Linux and Manjaro


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